Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Let’s try this…again???

you’re insane you realize that?  you are going to bring someone in to do work in your garden after the last time???

There are some jobs that are just too big for me to do alone and while Randy will help when he can, I can’t continue to wait.  I need to get things moving forward so that I can get moving forward at a quicker pace!  So I went looking for someone to do a few jobs around here that I just can’t do alone and that I just can’t wait on anymore.  I met him today, a very nice, young man and I’m hopeful!


Monster job number one.  Build a lovely multicourse field stone wall from one end of the deck to the other side of the sun room.  This requires digging down and putting a nice base of crush and run and then building the wall, like 75’ in length.  When he’s done it will be one nice half circle that will be easy to mow around and that the mulch will stay in.


Job number two another lovely field stone wall running from the deer fence to the back corner of the house.  He’s going to transplant all the azaleas from the front to this area and add a few more plants to hide those heat pumps.  When I’m sitting in the gazebo or by the pond I won’t be looking at that sad spot anymore and no longer will I have to battle the weeds and grass!


See all these lovely ostrich ferns.  He’s going to move them for me, he came up with an idea and Randy liked it.  He said he’d never thought of doing that and that if I’d suggested it, he probably would have said no.  He’s going to take all of these and create a bed around the fire pit, intriguing…

In addition to these 3 tiny little projects, he’s taking on the big boys up front too. He’s going to weed, edge and mulch all of the beds out there.  He’s going to clean up the bed that the azaleas are coming out of and and plant some lovely ornamental Japanese maples in there.  (Low maintenance, I like it.) I told him if this works out, I’ll keep him busy for a very, very long time and I meant it!  I’ve got other large plants that I’d love to move and other ideas I’d love to bring to fruition.  Getting someone here that I can work with and feel comfortable around would be fantastic.

So here. We. Go..  again…

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Ben and Lisa said...

Looks like you are in the gardening mood. Can't wait to see the end results. Keep the photos and updates coming! Lisa M