Friday, May 16, 2014

The final stretch..

If you hear me singing, please fence me in..don't be alarmed.
With just 300’ feet left the deer fence will be up and in place. We will still have the ‘decorative’ fence and the very important gate to install after that last run is done.  We finally agreed on a style that we both liked and that is different from what most have in their yards around here.  It will hopefully look something like this…
Times 2 of course and wider for the tractor to be able to get through.  I’ll plant something lovely to climb the trellis, maybe our native honeysuckle because the hummingbirds love it and it can ‘almost’ be evergreen sometimes.
The massive under taking of moving plants from front to back will get going quickly as we picked up the master structure plan last night.  The design is heavy with edibles for the wildlife that will continue to have access to the fenced in area.  The perennials will almost all come from my existing collection, Randy was delighted that I had more than half of what they suggested.
DSC_0002 (2)
I like that the planting areas bigger, that sooo many native trees and shrubs were included, that they thought about things that we hadn’t.  Screening the base of the deck steps with evergreen shrubs, putting a screen of shrubs along the fence line at the front and between us and our other neighbors and screening the heat pumps with plants instead of lattice.  There are things missing for me though, a path that meanders through the entire area,  a memorial garden for our lost pets and the little nooks that every garden needs for that magical feel.  The plan is just like a recipe that I can tweak to make my own, it’s the basic building blocks to make something special.
So now if the weather will just get it’s act together we can finish the fence and I can take my new tools and my plan and get cooking!
DSC_0004 (2)DSC_0003 (2)

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