Friday, May 9, 2014

I can see clearly now..

The muck, mud, leaves and who knows what else is gone!
From the pond that is.
Living Waters finally got out to take care of a much needed deep cleaning for us and I’m so happy that it happened AFTER that monsoon of rain filled it with mud, sticks, leaves and all kinds of stuff on top of the string algae, muck and yuck that was already in there.
Nick (I’m having good luck with guys named Nick these days) set up two blue pools to fill with water, since the water itself was pretty clear.  He caught my 3 surviving gold fish, 2 minnows and 8 bull frogs, 4 of which were bigger than both my hands put together.
Here’s the sludgey mess that he was mucking about in. Yuck!  It didn’t smell so good either, but he prevailed, one bucket at a time.  After he got out all the solid stuff he pressure washed everything down, reset all the rocks that had been knocked into the pond and he even installed 3 pond lights that we’ve had for years waiting to be installed!
Here’s the pond all clean, clear and full.  Now I just need a half pallet of field stone to finish the edging and we are all set!  Oh and to be sure we get the net on the pond and over the bog and stream this year BEFORE the leaves get in!!!

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