Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Compost the easy way..

This post is very overdue, at least for those that were wondering what happened to the worms.  The worms are kind of awesome and boring at the same time.  You take your kitchen scraps and paper and feed them and they do their worm thing.  Not a lot to it really.  No smell, no mess. 

I recently harvested my first bin and bucket of compost tea!


It’s really rather amazing to think that this was all manner of food stuff.  Banana peels, strawberry tops, carrot parts, potatoes that had gone bad, coffee ground with the paper filter (unbleached, organic) egg shells you name it.  All just put in with the worms covered with shredded personal documents and paper that you keep moist.  I was so careful to make sure that no worms were harmed in harvesting as there were a few in there.  I left it sitting out in the light for a few hours and they migrated down to the container below.  I also double and triple checked when I dumped it into my trug to mix with potting soil for my deck planter boxes.


The ‘tea’ again has no smell and is super packed with nutrients for your plants.  I mixed the tea with water and gave all my house plants a good long drink!

So there you have it!  The worms are thriving, my plants are happy and I’m loving having a eco-friendly way to get rid of my kitchen scraps!

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ShirleyC said...

IF I thought they would survive the winter here, I would try it myself. I just think we are as warm as you but maybe we are. Anyway, that's super cool!