Friday, May 30, 2014

A walk after the rain..

It’s the mostly cloudy last Friday in May, it’s been raining the last few days so it was nice to put on the wellies and take a walk around the garden.
I found this lovely little flower blooming in the woodland bed, I have no idea what it is.
Here’s another I saw in the woodland bed, I don’t even know where this little one came from.
The honeysuckle is still in bloom and it’s loaded.
Around back by the beehives the self planted and allowing happily to spread Arrowwood Viburnum is starting to bloom.
Right below it, is this false Solomon’s seal that has sprouted all on its own.  It will be tended to when this area gets cleaned out, which isn’t going to be an easy job.
Since this is what it looks like!  Yikes.  I really hate oriental bittersweet.  I mean really.
I’ve worked over here a little, pulling up bittersweet , dog rose and cutting down the weedy trees.  It’s turning into it’s own little fern glade which is really pretty.  Earlier in the Spring I found Cutleaf toothwort blooming in the same area so I’m very interested in cleaning carefully.
I found some native sensitive ferns behind the daffodils and will need to be sure to pull weeds and mulch the area for them.  Getting ferns to grow up behind the daffodils would be great for helping to hide the leaves when they fall over (like now).
Finally I was happy to see all the new growth on the trees we planted.  I guess all the rain and cool temperatures has been making them very happy.

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