Monday, April 28, 2014

Evergreens make good neighbors..

There was a time when we couldn’t see our neighbors houses.  It was a good time.  It gave us a sense of privacy and made us feel like we were far, far away without being far, far away.  Recently one of our neighbors cut down all the evergreens that shielded our view of her house.  It was a shocking site and while we welcomed the additional sunlight it brought into our yard, we weren’t thrilled with the loss of the ‘screen’.  So after talking about options and deciding that moving wasn’t one of them, we set out to find someone that could build us a new ‘screen’ of evergreens.
If you know me, you know that I am picky and you know that as a gardener I’m not going to plant something invasive, something that doesn’t offer shelter and or food to wildlife, something that is just all wrong for the landscape and of course something that the deer won’t eat.  Two separate ‘landscapers’ (there should be a legal definition of that word!) suggested arborvitae.  Um.. really?  Next.  That is where Nick with Acer Landscaping & Nursery came in. After walking and talking with him I KNEW without a doubt he was the ONE.  He knew his plants and he understood what I was about and what I wanted, he wasn’t trying to sell me anything that I didn’t need which was very refreshing.
We developed a plan and started the process and in addition to our screen signed him on for a long term relationship!
He brought us 5 Blue spruce from his Christmas tree farm!  I’m not sure I could be happier.  He was going to get us some hollies as well but he didn’t have any that were tall enough.  We found someone to get the hollies from and he had his crew dig the holes for us.  Our screen is on its way now and we are very happy with the end result.  Between these evergreens and the deer fence which will allow for other shrubs to be planted, we are that much closer to reclaiming our private sanctuary once again!

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