Sunday, April 13, 2014

Deery Me…

We did not get as far as I wanted, but in all honesty I want it all installed in a day.  So Randy getting as far as he did is a blessing and a start!
This is a gate opening, it’s not set yet, just standing in the holes Randy dug, by hand, by the way.  That gate will give us access to the woods for whatever reason we may need it. 
Randy put the sleeves down every 12’ they will be driven into the ground and a post will go in them.  It doesn’t look like a lot but this is the longest span of fencing.  He also wanted to start with this section so we could get the hang of installation.
While he was doing that I was cleaning up around various plants.
I removed the leaves from the struggling yellow bush (struggling because the deer keep eating it!). 
I pulled all the honeysuckle and weeds off the berm for years I’ve admired the ferns on it, I want to give them a chance to really shine and since this will be in the fenced area I also see some potential for using it!
I found some native ferns buried under the leaves close to the fence line, native is also a great find!
I did a major rake and rip out all along this edge.  All the suckers from the Carolina Allspice, the dog rose and wine berries were removed.
The reason is that from here to the bee area is going to become part of my planting area.  I hope!

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