Monday, March 18, 2013

Hive Stands..

This weekend was all about woodworking and I had a blast in the shop with (the husband) Randy.   In an effort to space out all the wondrous things we built you are going to get multiple post, starting with the hive stands!
We made two of these out of cedar post and decking boards.  The plans came from the Building Beehives for Dummies book that I reviewed last week.  Randy has a bone to pick with the person who wrote the book because he suspected (and was right) that putting screws into the cedar on the ends would cause it to split.
Things like this lead to a lot of swear words being tossed around in the shop.  It only took one split for Randy to decide to counter sink all the screws.  The end result was two hive stands, well… three actually…
This one is for the top bar hive, no more wobbly legs!  Also all the hive stands legs are going to be treated with Tanglefoot in an attempt to stop those stupid acrobat ants from pestering my bees this year!

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