Thursday, March 21, 2013


I know it doesn’t look like much but what a lifesaver this turned out to be! 
Originally, Randy had bought some pine from Home Depot to make this with, but the wood wasn’t square enough for his liking.  So he used some shop scraps to make it, what is it you ask..It’s a frame jig!
This process made me truly appreciate the beauty and simplicity of my top bars!  We assembled 70, we have 80 more to go!  The jig lets us do 10 at a time, it holds the end bars in place, letting you put the glue on and then nail (we were using an air nailer).  The spring holds them tight (I’ve also seen frame jigs with a latch on either side) allowing you to flip the box over and repeat the process on the other side.  Slide the finished frames off and load it up again.  The process wasn’t too painful, but I could see how for one person it could become mind numbing after a while.
Of course Randy didn’t have exactly the tool that “I” needed for this project, so he had to buy me a new one.
I’m not quite sure how it works out that it’s mine because most things that go into the workshop fall under the rules of if it’s in here it’s his, but he at least does share.
The plan for the frame jig came from a recent issue of Bee Culture magazine.

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