Tuesday, January 15, 2013

With wood, comes hope..

The first of several boxes arrived today, I could hardly wait to open them!
Box number one came from Ashley Bee Supply these lovely integrated pest management bottom boards are great for trapping and killing small hive beetles and varroa mites. 
You fill that white tray with oil or soapy water and the beetles and or mites fall through the screen (which is too small for the bees to get through).  Ingenious!  These lovely trays are made from cypress and all the joints for nice and snug, the kicker, they are made in the USA and that makes me all too happy!
Box number two..
It doesn’t look like much now but it will be a lovely 8 frame Nuc once assembled!  I’m using this (at least at first) as a hive trap that will be baited with a bee lure and mounted on a platform several feet off the ground.  My hope (please, please, please) is that when swarm season arrives a swarm will find it so irresistible that they will move in!  That’s the hope at least!
Like I said there are more boxes on the way and each one brings me a little hope for the Spring…

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