Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Pond

I realized that I never shared any pictures of the improved pond, stream and bog filter! 
IMG_5125 This is the bog filter and as you can see the plants did indeed grow despite the deer eating them.  Oh, I spy a flower pot that needs to come out of there!
IMG_5137 Another view of the bog filter.
IMG_5124 So here’s the pond wall that we had built, it runs all the way around the lower end, we are very happy with how it turned out.  I’ve planted a little in the areas, I’m going to load it up with the Spring bulbs that I just picked up this week.  The black teepee thing is our leaf net, it’s a life saver!
IMG_5126 The wall on the front side.
Here’s the new stream, I started planting around it but like all around the pond…more landscaping needs to be done.  Always a work in progress.

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