Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Spring Planning….

No seriously, we are already planning our spring projects and are they ever big ones!  Part of the plans will actually start this winter, we’ve got to have some honking big trees taken down for various reasons.
IMG_5139 This maple by the pond I love, I mean it I love this tree and I’ve been waffling on it’s removal for months.  The heavy snow a couple of years ago ripped the top out and it’s got some bad spots in it.  The thing is, it provides SO much shade for the pond which in turn helps with algae but on the flip side it does drop leaves over and around the pond…
IMG_5117 That massive poplar with the “V” in it, well it’s got a gaping hole in the trunk and has the potential to do serious damage to the house should it fall.  Yes, that tree is THAT big!
IMG_5118 That beech tree in the background, well it’s another tree that I love, it is just stunning when it changes colors in the fall and the shape is just so perfect.  It however shades so much of the back yard and the bee yard.
Which is where some honking BIG changes are going to take place.
This area along the front is going to become a heavily planted flower border, which with the removal of the beech will get a lot more sun.  We are going to add soil and leaf grow to the area and move plants from all over to fill this in and of course all will be pollinator friendly.  There may be a few smaller trees in this area that we take down or maybe just have some of the canopy thinned.  Our tree guy is fantastic! Oak Hill Wood Services
Behind this flower border is where the bee yard is going to be and that is going to require some work. Randy is not happy with the area he leveled and since we are going to be building two hives this winter he wants to improve up the leveling and he wants to put something down that will make it easier to maintain apparently he didn’t enjoy pulling weeds. 
IMG_5120  So from the Crepe Myrtle here in the corner to the other side will be flowers, everything behind will either be clover (which is what I want) or something else. 
A garden is always changing…

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