Friday, October 19, 2012

Honeybee Update..

The girls are still alive and kicking I am very happy to report and while some would say I’m nuts their disposition is back to a calm buzz.  We inspected the hive thoroughly and there is uncapped and capped honey and some brood and some pollen!  I ordered Honey Bee Healthy to add to the sugar it’s like a multivitamin for honeybees that is supposed to help encourage them to eat.  I also ordered some winter patties for them, so that when it get’s colder I can continue to feed. IMG_5107
They are still busily bringing in pollen and since I couldn’t stop them from eating from the humming bird feeder we made a hanging honeybee feeder from an inverted jar, a wooden frame and a piece of screen.  They seem quite happy with that and I’m happy because I don’t have to worry about a honeybee getting caught in the hole!
I’m cautiously hopeful about them surviving, I know it’s a long shot, but I’m hoping that if I keep feeding and we insulate it really well this winter that they will survive and thrive next year. 
We are still going to build two hybrid hives this winter, I know what I want, it’s a Langstroth that is on it’s side instead of upright, that is raised on legs like a top bar and frames that have three sides instead of one or four. I want to be able to use standard Langstroth equipment but have the ease of top bar use.  I like having the ability to put a super on if I were to ever want to collect honey and I like the idea of having a screened bottom board too.  I’m excited to get into the workshop with Randy and design and build these and I’m excited for all the future honeybee adventures!

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