Thursday, June 14, 2012

Honeybee Check In..

The girls are busy, busy, busy!
Randy has mentioned more than once that he didn’t think they would be so active and are they ever.  You can sit on the sunroom deck in the afternoon when the sun is shinning from the west and see them flying all around.  They fly up much higher than I would have guessed and I really wonder where do they go?
Well this is one place they go, straight over to the pond for a little friendly gathering.  I sat watching them the other day, fascinated by how they greet each other and how brave they are to stick their little heads down to the water to drink.  It’s made me nervous the fish swimming under them and the huge dragonflies above. Yikes, it must be rough being a little honeybee.
Like I said, the girls have been busy! There is at least thirteen combs in there now and I’d say the Queen Bee is doing her job as well because there has been a population explosion!  I don’t know how many are in there now but it’s way, way more than what I started with that is for sure.  I’m figuring on the next nice and very warm day I’ll do an inspection, loosen that comb from the side of the glass (that ought to be fun…NOT!) and give a peek to the comb on the end that I can’t see.
I’m still just as enamored with them as I was the day I brought them home!

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