Monday, May 14, 2012


It’s all rather green isn’t it?  A stroll around the gardens and I see green, everywhere.  Barely a flower blooming in most places. Odd, odd weather we are having. I also see weeds, weeds and oh yeah, more weeds that need to be in the very least thinned out.
I need to get into this area and get some of the lamium out, it’s happy here, just like the woodland poppies are.  I’m fond of those, they spread and even if the deer eat some it’s ok lol!
Proof is in the picture that I never got around to thinning out the pollinators paradise here. There is a lot going on in here, a lot missing too.  Not a single milkweed or butterfly weed has survived.  It’s the first time in six years that I haven’t not had the common milkweed.  Last year all of my swap milkweeds died and now my butterfly weed hasn’t come back.  I can only attribute this to the weather but I really have no idea.  Once the bog area is done, I’ll try the swap milkweeds again.
I took this picture on Friday but it doesn’t look like that now. We’ve pulled all the rocks away from the lower end of the pond in preparation for a new wall/planting area.  We are also planning a new stream and waterfall, that of course is if either of us can ever get the vision out of our head for the other to ‘see’.
I’ve still got plans floating around in my head for that area behind the hammock. I want to gather all my hosta (sans the one at the front of the house, but maybe some of them too) and move them, some hellebores, heuchera and some other woodland plants for this area.
The gazebo needs it’s roof still and if someone doesn’t get off the pot about it soon, they are going to find me taking care of it in a way that will probably be much more costly.  It took YEARS to get it to the point that it’s at now, I don’t want to wait YEARS for the roof!!!
What a mess!  The loss of the maple that was here (we had to cut it down) left this area difficult to plant in.  The roots (because I wouldn’t let them use a stump grinder) were in masse but are now easily (relatively) removed. So I can begin to if only I could really decide what to do here… Hmmm I wonder if….
A gardeners dreams are never done….

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