Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Honeybees, Mason Bees and Worms…

So today I went and checked on the girls, they are busy as ever and we are up to at least 6 combs now.  Their feeder was empty though, so I came back and made up some syrup for them and after it cooled took it down to replace the empty container.  They don’t seem to really mind me mucking around in there which is a really good thing.  No I didn’t take pictures, still haven’t gotten that spy cam!
The other cool, well I think it’s cool thing are the Mason bees.
Not the best house for them as I can’t easily protect it yet as the bags haven’t been released for sale.  Mason bee larva are prayed on by parasitic wasp, birds and mites so as soon as the females stop laying you are to gather your tubes and reeds.  Well I did that for my other houses that were full, yes full and the summer bees aren’t even here yet!
I’ve got or order some more reeds and was happy to see that they’ve even come out with a protective case for the paper tubes as those are the ones that are most susceptible to the wasp.  I know nature has her way of things but sometimes the good guys need help!
I realized that the worms haven’t gotten many pixels lately and they are much easier to photograph than the bees lol.  I’ve been feeding them a couple times a week with kitchen scraps stuff like strawberry tops, egg shells, coffee, tea bags (that don’t have staples) and just about everything else that they will eat, which is just about everything. 
Remember this is what the first tray looked like?
This is what it looks like today, not much left in there.  Most have moved up into the second tray (image below) and that is where all the food scraps go now and will keep going till it gets full. Then I’ll add another tray to the mix and the bottom one will be able emptied and the one they are in now will become the bottom.
I’m liking the worms a lot, they are super low maintenance and are taking care of my kitchen scraps!  I’ve said it plenty I know, but I’m just not a fussy person that goes for plants, pets and hobbies, so ease of care ranks up there with me!
Have a great day!

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