Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Million Miles A Moment… Project 1

It’s that time of year at least for me when the plans, ideas and design dreams abound.  I’ve got more going on in my mind about things I want to do, need to do and dream of doing than there are hours in the day.
The pond is going to be the first big scale project this season it’s in need of some TLC for sure.
DSC_0001 The rocks here and around each of the sides of the skimmer section have sunk, they are after all just dry stacked.  The goal is to take them ALL away, get some larger stones and gravel make a good sturdy base and start over, back filling the right way.  I also want to turn the front section,
2010-7-6 (9) Here into a nice alpine style planting area.  It gets a lot of sun and I think a selection of alpines will soften the look of the rocks, maybe make it look a bit more natural.  I’ve been reading up on the stacking of rocks to make planting pockets, so I’ve got a better idea of how to make this really work…I think.
Now over here,
DSC_0002 I’m putting in a nice bog garden.  I’ll be moving back the rocks from all along this side, including those at the edge of the pond.  I’m going to dig out this area several inches and put a piece of liner with a few drainage holes in it.  Then filling it up with a mix of our lovely clay, some compost and a lot of peat.  I’m going to put a section of soaker hose in there as well so that if it starts to dry out it will be easy enough to water.  I’m lucky in the sense that it won’t get too much sun which means hopefully it won’t dry out as much.  I really want this area for my bull frogs, here’s hoping that it wasn’t one of the giants that Randy found in the skimmer last fall Sad smile
Finally, the waterfall, it’s in dire need of a rebuild. DSC_0003  It’s green and isn’t flowing as well as it should.  We actually had a pond renovator come out and talk to us about fixing it but the cost was insane.  I’ve ordered several books on the subject and we are in the planning stage of either moving it way back and creating a stream or just moving it back a few feet and widening the area and altering the slope with dirt. DSC_0002  If we move it way back it will be back behind that stump, personally I’m not sure that the scale of a stream leading to our pond would be right.  So I’m leaning more towards the moving it back a little and making it wider, but only some rope and vision will make that decision.  Hopefully, we will get a warm and not over booked weekend here soon to start working!

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