Thursday, May 26, 2011

Gazebo deck and moss garden…

So dreams are becoming realities! 
We spent last weekend starting the new deck for the gazebo and then Randy spent a couple nights this week finishing it.
All that’s left are the steps which are going in the front and some lattice skirting around the bottom.
The view from up there is wonderful and I love sitting next to the pond and being able to look down on it!.
Have you ever really looked at moss?  I mean really looked at it, took the time to really notice it?  It’s beautiful and it’s different and well there are 1200 types in North America.  Moss is small, it reminds me of quiet, of magic and coolness and well something tranquil. Moss is growing in my garden and I’m working to help it out.
This area the grass has never done well in, but the moss, the moss wants this area and I want to help it!
So I’ve been weeding this area of grass, one little clump at a time and it’s a time consuming process.  The book I’m reading on Moss Gardening assures me that once weeded it’s needs minimal care, keep the debris off and water occasionally during the summer if I want to keep it from going dormant.
I somehow managed to give myself a nasty case of tennis elbow and have been told to keep the activities to a minimum with my right arm.  So since I could no longer vigorously pull weeds while sitting on the ground and then use my arm to push myself up, I brought my beach chair over. At least this way I can sit here in the quiet shade and gently pull blades of grass from the moss.
I just have this little bit to go and then Randy is going to use the blower to clean off the area for me.  After that I’m going to give the moss a nice watering and hope that it decides to fill in the rest.  I’m seriously thinking about adding some nice rocks over here, maybe a few ferns too.  It’s like a whole little world in the moss, all sorts of spiders, beetles and other insects, lots of worms.  I told my mom I felt a little bad when I was pulling the grass from around some tiny ants, it must be like having someone cut down all your trees to them.  I hope this moss garden just improves and gets even more magical….

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