Friday, June 4, 2010


While waiting for the counters to be installed I’ve decided to share with you a project that is floating around in my head.
2010-29-5 (10)
This area runs along the side of my house.  For years it has been the dumping place for loads of leaves in the fall.  I planted daffodils there one year, they did ok till they were run over by the tractor repeatedly, most didn’t return after that.  So the space sits, empty, neglected and in need of something, but what?
2010-29-5 (13)
Under the pine I transplanted some hydrangea's from another location.  They are trying to grow, but the deer keep nipping them off. Also further off to the side, about where that sunny path is in the picture, are wild may apples, I love those and have to spray them to protect them from the deer.  I look at this area and my mind keeps flicking back to the way those lovely bright blooms of azaleas look in the spring.
I know you’ve seen the pictures, they are blooming en masse’ against a back drop of trees.  You imagine the soil is rich and fertile and can almost smell the coolness of the air where these lovely beauties are blooming.  That vision is what I see for this location and I want to accomplish this by recycling.  I want to move every single azalea that I have in my yard to this location.  Ok that part sounds pretty easy, but how does one keep the deer away from them?  I pondered on this until I came up with the idea of using Milorganite.  It is inexpensive, can be easily applied with a broadcast spreader and I know it works.  I used to use it a lot around the entire property, but I started just spraying specific plants instead. 
So maybe one day soon, I can implement my vision…

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