Friday, May 7, 2010

A visitor...

I live in the woods and I have lots of animals around the house all the time. I'm not talking about my pets, I'm talking about the wild ones. Now our property is densely forested and so even in the middle of the day with the sun blazing, places in my yard can look dusky. That of course means that those furry friends that you don't normally see out during the day will occasionally show up in the yard. It isn't uncommon for me to see deer, fox and yes even raccoons mingling with the squirrels and birds.

So when I opened the door to let the dogs out and saw there was company in the yard I wasn't overly surprised. Though I suspect my asking of my visitor to please cease in eating my birdseed was a bit of a surprise to them. I didn't let the dogs out, but came back inside and grabbed some of the hot dog rolls that were destined to be critter cuisine anyway and took them out to my company. Below the inspection process is taking place, the weary eyes watched me as I tossed the bread into the vicinity, but quickly came to investigate as I stepped back to the porch.

My visitor didn't take long in deciding that the Martin's Potato roll was good enough to eat and wasted no time in taking their snack to a near by tree to eat, while of course keeping an eye on the strange lady that tossed something so delectable out!

I sat for a long time on the porch watching my furry company enjoying the snack. I'm so incredibly blessed to be able to live so close to nature and even more blessed I think, that I have the sense to appreciate what it is that I do have. I truly believe that all animals can sense when they are safe and I really like to believe that all of my visitors, furred, feathered and even scaled know that here, they are indeed welcome, safe and appreciated!

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