Friday, May 14, 2010

It’s a start…

I know what I want the pond to look like when it’s all finished.  I know what I the whole yard to look like, but getting there is slow when I’m the primary landscaper!  So I do a little at a time, moving along at what feels like a snails pace, but loving what happens when the pieces start to come together. 
waterfall  I started last week on building the wall around the waterfall box.  I had to level the dirt a little and I still need to order the ‘faux’ rock cover for the canister itself, but today I finally finished it up! 
front planting area I also started on some landscaping at the edges.  I want to cut back on some of the rock and liner that is showing.  I don’t know that I’ll leave the rocks there as edging, but for now they are making a break between mulch and grass.  I planted some Carex and ferns in this bed, along with some annual salvia and miniature zinnias.
back planting area I did something similar on the other side scale wise.  That bed has a butterfly weed, a miniature goldenrod and the annual salvias.  Now where my vision is really grand is on this side.  I either want to level this area out and put down small stones, a few stepping stones to set the chairs and a small table on, or I want to build a very low deck.  I want a pergola over this sitting area and I want to plant my native wisteria and native clematis to climb either side.  Where that dirt pile is I want to clear out and plant that area full of ferns so it looks lush and cool!  Yeah, the vision is there, the implementation just takes time!!

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